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About us

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Our Company

IMPO Holdings Private Limited is a private company registered in the Maldives.The company specializes in wholesale, delivery, storage and distribution ofvarious food and general trading products.

Our activities include distribution, merchandising and logistics in the Maldives. The company IMPO Holdings Private Limited has a well established commercialand logistical structure

30 Years 

For more than 30 years the company IMPO Holdings Private Limited is aconstantly developing in direction of expanding and improving quality ofservices and increasing sales volume. That let us hope to become a marketleader in fast moving consumer goods and one of the most successful andloyal business partners.

At the company center there is established and strictly implemented a qualitycontrol system that complies with all international and European standards.The flexible commercial structure, fully in line with the market conditions helpsus to be always close to the customer.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to sustain our unique, creative and competitive solutions, makingus a reliable commercial partner in distribution, logistics and food servicesmarkets.

What we believe

We also do our best to contribute towards pushing back the frontiers by creating jobs, business opportunities and empowering people through training and skills development.

We pride ourselves for integrity, efficiency and empowerment.

At IMPO Holdings Private Limited, we believe that the only way to attain consistent, inspired solutions is through hiring and investing in ambitious, results-orientated people. We expect our people to be circumspect about their decisions – to be part of one family.

True success comes when both employer and employee grow together – we encourage our employees to seek further training in order to not only better themselves, but also to add value to IMPO Holdings Private Limited cause.

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